Mouse Roundup: Zowie

If you’re looking for a no frills mouse brand, look no further than Zowie. No LEDs, no complicated DPI settings, and no confusing or buggy software (we’re looking at you Razer Synapse), it’s pure plug and play.

Zowie has three main designs, the FK, ZA, and EC. The difference between the three are profile (height), ergonomics, and whether it’s ambidextrous or not. Within each of these three there are also 2-3 subsets. These subsets basically are just size variants, within the FK range there’s the smallest, the FK2, then the FK1, and the FK1+ (the largest). What we’re going to do for you is break down these mice, trying to help you to figure out which of these 3 would be the best depending on your grip and size preferences.

FK (FK2,FK1,FK1+)

The lowest profile of the three, the FK is best suited best for someone who uses a claw/fingertip grip, or palm if your hands are on the smaller side. If you do have medium to larger hands though, and go with a palm grip, the EC or ZA would most likely be the better route. This ambidextrous mouse comes with 400/800/1600/3200 DPI adjustments, a lift-off distance of 1.5~1.8mm, and two thumb buttons on either side.

Most importantly though, as with all mice, we take a look at the sensor. The FK comes equipped with an Avago 3310 optical sensor, a well liked and favorably reviewed piece of hardware.

EC (EC2-A, EC1-A)

This right handed only mouse comes with a little bit of a higher profile design, well suited for fingertip and palm, but may be a little bit too much of a stretch for claw (unless you have medium to large hands). The EC is equipped with the same DPI settings as the FK, in addition to that top of the line optical sensor, the Avago 3310. Now, earlier I did say that Zowie doesn’t do all that LED jazz, but for some reason though they felt like the scroll wheel on the EC should have one (it does look good though don’t get me wrong).

ZA (ZA13, ZA12, ZA11)

Last in our roundup, the ZA. Coming in three different sizes, the ZA13 being the smallest with dimensions of 120 x 62 x 38 mm, and the largest being the ZA11 at 128 x 67 x 40 mm. This mouse has its hump located towards the back of the mouse, as opposed to the EC’s middle location, which is perfectly stationed for palm or larger handed claw grip users. You may be able to rock a fingertip with the ZA13, but in most cases, the FK/EC would most likely be a better choice. Again, similar to the others, this mouse rocks the same Avago 3310, has DPI settings that can be set to 400/800/1600, and like the FK, is ambidextrous.


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