Cherry MX Switches – Explained

The difference between standard keyboards these days, and mechanical keyboards, all reside within the switches. When you’re looking at a quality mechanical keyboard, whether it’s for gaming, or professional-grade writing, you’re looking at an excellent brand of mechanical switch with Cherry Mx.

Why Mechanical Keyboards Beat “Chiclet” Keyboards

A chiclet keyboard is defined as basically any laptop keyboard, and even some Bluetooth external keyboards. They are a different method of input than mechanical keyboards, and have much less keystroke warranties. If you’re not familiar with the term, they go per key—most include one to three million keystrokes per key. It sounds amazing, right?

It’s not.

Mechanical keyboards use physical switches beneath each key to verify what key you’re hitting. While it sounds less technical and modern, well, it is. However, most mechanical keyboards come with at least fifty million keystrokes per key. The switches are meant to hold. So why doesn’t everyone use mechanical keyboards? It comes down to manufacturers trying to focus less on the “accessories” of laptop computers, and more on the quality of the internal components. Mechanical keyboards are far greater, and there’s no better brand than Cherry.

The Cherry Black Switch

Most Cherry MX switches contain the same features. However, with the black switch, we’re looking at real precision. There’s absolutely no tactile bump during the motions, making these the best switches to be thrown into a gaming keyboard for optimal performance.

The Cherry Blue Switch

Have you ever had one of those keyboards that make a thunderous clicking sound when you tap down on the keys? Some prefer it that way, while others like a quieter keyboard. It can help keep the rhythm when you’re writing, and for that, the blue switch is more commonly used for mechanical keyboards targeted towards writers.

The Cherry Red Switch

This one is similar to the black switch. You’re not going to get a bumping, scraping feeling, but you will get that gamer-friendly precision that you’ve been dying for in an excellent mechanical keyboard switch.

The Cherry Clear Switch

This is a hybrid of the blue switch, and the brown switch, (which we’ll get into in just a moment.) You get all the quiet of the brown, and a tighter-feeling key. These are optimal for those who are rough on their keyboards, and like a mixture of quiet and precision.

The Cherry Brown Switch

The brown switch is extremely similar to the blue switch, only with about 90% less of that clicking sound from pounding down on the keys. This is more versatile, and can be used for just about any purpose. While it’s not geared towards one specific demographic of keyboard users, it’s a safe bet if you’re not certain about which type of switch you want in your mechanical keyboard.

How To Pick The Right Switch For You

The warranty is in the switch, not the plastic components of the keyboard itself. If a key cracks, fades or chips, but still functions just fine, it’s considered a cosmetic issue. When it comes down to it, you have to critically consider just what you’ll be using your new mechanical keyboard for.

Creative Writer

Nobody uses typewriters anymore: it’s all about how fast you can type on your keyboard. For this category, authors and bloggers alike agree that mechanical keyboards are far superior to chiclet keyboards for their precision, speed and that accompanying clicking sound to keep up some otherworldly rhythm.

If you’re a writer, try the Cherry Blue Switch.

Data Entry Analyst

Data entry more your thing? When you’re looking for precision and excellence, you don’t want a keyboard that’s going to let you down. When it comes down to it, you need something you can rely on that’s not going to easily slip and allow typos. Data entry is all about accuracy, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice speed either.

If you’re an analyst, try the Cherry Clear Switch.

General Internet Scourer

If you just use the computer for leisure or to just scout the web for sites like Facebook and eBay, you’re probably looking for an inexpensive keyboard, but one that’s nice and durable. You can have mechanical keyboards for a decade at a time, or even longer if you keep them in the proper environments.

If you’re a leisurely internet browser, try the Cherry Brown Switch.

Core Gamers

If you’re a gamer, then you’re probably already on the bandwagon with this statement: mechanical keyboards reign supreme. How many times have you suffered an issue in-game due to your chiclet keyboard faltering? It’s extremely easy to make a mistake when all the keys are mashed together on a flat surface, but with a mechanical keyboard, you’re destined for glory.

If you’re a gamer, try the Cherry Black Switch.

The Value Seeker

If you’re the type to never buy an item that’s cheaply made, or you’re just all about quality in absolutely every purchase, then you’ll greatly benefit from a long-lasting, durable mechanical keyboard. You get all of the fully-backed warranties of fifty million keystrokes with a Cherry MX switch system, meaning you won’t have to replace the entire keyboard later.

If you’re all about quality, try the Cherry Red Switch.

Durable Beyond Compare

All Cherry products are manufactured in Germany. You’re not getting high-output factories in third-world countries to create your products. You’ll be given full access to your warranty information right upfront, and won’t have to hunt down sales agents on the phone for hours at a time to get a replacement item sent out to you.

With this little guide to choose which type of Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switch is just right, you’ll be able to take on the internet at large and hunt down the perfect switch.

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