Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 – July 2017

You’re a core gamer, but you’re not all about consoles. It’s cool—we get it; we’re the same way. When it comes down to it, you need the absolute best of the best to ensure your high-octane experience isn’t going to fall flat due to a manufacturing error, or a cheap keyboard mucking up on you. You don’t have to rage quit—you just have to pick the right keyboard for you, and avoid all the hassle. Here’s our top five pick for the best gaming keyboards under 50 bucks.

  1. HAVIT LED Backlit Wired Membrane Gaming Keyboard

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Coming in at number five on our list, we bring you the HAVIT LED. The backlighting on this is truly customizable, giving you the option to choose between four different levels of brightness and ten different breathing rates.

Our editor prefers wired keyboards for a few reasons, which is why we can’t get enough of HAVIT’s features. There’s no batteries, connection issues, or lag between signals, as is customary with some wireless keyboards. You can’t sacrifice your accuracy because of some bad Bluetooth connection between your keyboard and your computer.

This one has a great amount of weight to it, so you won’t experience sliding during long-winded chat inputs on MMORPGs, or when you smash down on the WASD keys just a bit too hard. The base is completely made of metal, and comes with two stands on the back for the perfect play range.

The HAVIT LED is compatible with just about every version of Windows, and the manufacturer recommends using the USB plugin in the back of your tower chassis as opposed to the front-facing ports.

  1. Cooler Master Devastator II

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The Devastator II comes in multiple colors depending on your choice, but their blue shade will absolutely illuminate your midnight gaming session.

Bonus: wired mouse, which comes with three different speeds for cursor scrolling. The stands along the back keep the perfect amount of traction—this keyboard isn’t going anywhere without your say so.

You can quickly swap out the DPI settings, if you’re into further customizable features for your gaming keyboard. These also come completely Cherry MX compatible—you can swap out your switches anytime you’d like. However, the current ones that are included when you receive your order are membrane switches that feel very tactile.

Completely Windows compatible, dedicated multimedia keys, and spectacular control over the entire playing field.

  1. Hhusali Mechanical Feeling Rainbow LED Keyboard/Mouse Combo

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Getting a free mouse with your gaming keyboard has never been a bad thing. More often than not, they come with added buttons and functions for your gameplay. Excellent addition aside, the keyboard here is the star. Not only do you get full backlighting (in case you couldn’t tell, we really like backlit keyboards,) but you get extreme durability

This keyboard comes in at almost three full pounds, meaning it’s not going anywhere. It has great traction, so you won’t slip and fall in the middle of your game. More than that, you get the option of nineteen anti-ghosting keys. The panel is made out of aluminum, and sturdy as can be.

The Hhusali is compatible with just about all versions of Windows.

2. Redragon S101 Vajra

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To come right out and say it, there’s something to be said for tiny details. The Redragon Vajra takes it up a notch with a thoughtful, cosmetic detail. Both the WASD keys and all four arrow keys are bright red with white lettering, as opposed to the rest of the keyboard, which is black. You really know how to speak to the gamer heart, Redragon developers.

Wired USB keyboards are better: it’s a fact. Your batteries aren’t going to run out in the middle of a match. You won’t have any Bluetooth connectivity issues. It’s a win-win; you also get a free mouse alongside it, which is always a bonus.

You get twelve multimedia keys, and two different options for input speed. Two pounds is right around the target mark for a keyboard to be lightweight enough to be easy to carry, and heavy enough to prevent sliding. Redragon simply hit the mark on this one, and it’s even compatible with nearly every type of Windows.

  1. Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard

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Backlighting? Check. Programmable macro keys? Check. The Corsair has it all, and it looks absolutely awesome. With your new keyboard’s backlighting, you can set three different colors per zone, making it customizable. If you’re not into “clickety” keys, then you’ll be happy to know the Corsair has nice, quiet keys.

For a good keyboard, you need some weight to it. You don’t want it sliding across your desk when you’re in the middle of a gaming match. The Corsair comes with a fair weight to it, just under two pounds, so you shouldn’t slip and slide during any point.

The Corsair is a sturdy build. You won’t feel “key flexing” while you’re typing. You can probably recall typing on at least one crumby quality laptop keyboard, and feeling the middle of the keyboard dip inward when you went to type. With the Corsair, you get solidity and top quality, and it’s compatible with just about every type of Windows.

End of the Road

When all is said and done, you need power behind your gaming. (Not to mention the ability to see during a dungeon raid at 3:00 AM.) Backlighting, weight, accuracy—they all go into choosing the absolute best gaming keyboard. What’s your top pick?


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