Looking For The Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 Dollars?

Only have half a Benjamin to spend on a new gaming keyboard? We’re gonna help you out, in this guide we’re highlighting some of the best gaming keyboards under 50 dollars.

Full Size: Logitech G213

First up we have the super sleek looking G213. I mean take a look at it, this thing does not look like a keyboard that can be gotten for less than 50 bucks, more like $100.

In the under $50 dollar range the keyboards equipped with mechanical key switches are slim to none, at least not legitimate Cherry’s or the like. In this case it’s equipped with Logitech’s Mech-Dome keys, which are tuned to give you performance and feel similar to that of a true mechanical keyboard switch. These keys deliver a 4mm travel distance, 50g actuation force, and are the quiet version of Logitech’s mechs.

The G213 also has all the RGB you’d expect from a keyboard in 2017. With 16.8 million colors, and five individual lighting zones, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to customization.

Finally you have the spill proof feature, which is amazing. As we have first hand experience that spilling orange juice on your keyboard does NOT improve performance. According to Logitech it can withstand 60ml of liquid spillage, so it will certainly help prevent any significant damage when you do inevitably spill that cup on your desk.

Tenkeyless: Redragon K552 KUMARA

Redragon has been coming out with some great keyboards and mice under $50 lately, and this K552 is no exception. With Cherry Blue equivalents (Outemu Blues) you get that satisfying noise click when typing, and great tactile bump feedback when gaming.

As well, if you go the non-RGB route you’re looking at under thirty bucks, which is insane value for money. That’s the equivalent of 5 Starbucks trips, but this time you have a brand new mechanical keyboard.

Honestly, you probably won’t find a better made keyboard for under 30 bucks, certainly not a mechanical one. It’s well built usingmetal and ABS construction, so the chances of it lasting those daily gaming sessions is high.

Full Size, If You Don’t Like The Logitech: Corsair Gaming K55 RGB

The K55 has become a staple in the cheap gaming keyboard market, as Corsair is consistently putting out awesome keyboards in every price bracket.

This keyboard comes equipped with three-zone RBG back-lighting and 10+ pre-configured lighting modes, 6 macro keys for you MMO lovers, and multimedia controls.

While the K55 doesn’t come with Cherry MX switches, it does come with membranes that act almost like browns. Which is exactly the feel you want for games with a lot of keyboard action, as browns and reds are often hailed as the “gamers” choice when it comes to switches.

Waterproof like the Logitech, and with a detachable wrist rest, it’s really all you could ask for in the under 50 dollar range.


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